Italian White Wines

Italian White Wines

  • Frascati Superiore (11.5% alc)

    • 16.00

    This easy drinking, lightly golden wine is dry and fresh, yet pleasantly fruity, with a smooth taste and subtle hing of nuttiness.

  • Orvieto Classico (12% alc)

    • 16.00

    Lightly sweet white wine, soft, fresh and balanced with a pleasantly fragranced aroma.

  • Soave (11.5% alc)

    • 16.00

    A lovely full tasting, refreshing and fruity white wine, with a lightly fragrant aroma.

  • Verdicchio (12% alc)

    • 17.90

    Pale yellow in colour, with a delicate, lingering aroma. Dry, fresh, nicely acidic with good fruit and a subtle bitter after-taste.

  • Rosé (11.5% alc)

    • 15.00

    Very pale, brick red with a subtle vinous aroma and a medium-dry flavour.

  • Pinot Grigio

    • 16.00

    A crisp fruity, dry wine

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